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Manipulate the appearance of words and phrases with just a few clicks.

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With Text Caser, it's easy to manipulate the appearance of words and phrases in a variety of ways with just a few clicks. Uppercasing words, deleting spaces from sentences, and scrambling words are just a few of the text manipulations you can perform. Text Caser makes working with text easier and less time-consuming. Best of all, it's no problem to use to the fullest!

  • Manipulate text in a variety of ways with just a few clicks
  • Perform different text manipulations on different parts of the text
  • Clear your clipboard without needing a complicated script
  • No installation required
  • Leet Speak, Backwards, Scramble, Del. Spaces, and Clear Clipboard buttons unavailable
  • Cannot enable Text Caser to run on Windows startup
  • No automatic updates
v1.1 (Released 12/23/2012)
  • User Interface Changes:
    • Size of Text Caser as a whole increased
    • Size of Insert and Result boxes increased
    • Original Text, Del. Spaces, and Paste buttons added
    • Info (?) button moved to the bottom-right corner of Text Caser
    • Settings button added to the bottom of Text Caser, next to the Info button
  • New settings available:
    • Text Caser can now be set to run when users log onto their computer
    • Text Caser can now run in the system tray
    • Text Caser can now be set to replace the text in the Insert box with pasted content
    • Text Caser can now auto-populate the Insert box with clipboard contents on startup
  • New keyboard shortcuts added for the Insert and Result boxes
    • Select All (Ctrl + A)
  • Performance improvements
v1.0 (Released 5/13/2011)
  • Text Caser Released

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