A simple inventory management system for small businesses.

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Easily keep track of employees, orders, products, and customers for your small business. Create orders and print them out to invoice customers. Simplify inventory management, and get an overview of your performance during a specified time period.

  • Password protection
  • Email setup for password recovery
  • Filtering options for employees, orders, products, and customers
  • Product SKU system for tracking individual product units
  • Lists today's activity on the main menu
  • Print out Orders and Inventory
  • Support for up to 10 Employees, Orders, Products, and Customers (instead of unlimited for each)
  • No filtering options
  • Cannot enable EasyInv to run on Windows startup
  • No automatic updates
v1.2 (Released 1/11/2013)
  • User Interface Changes:
    • All menus have been made more consistent in their design
    • New Settings button on the bottom-right corner of the main EasyInv menu
      • Info (?) button moved next to the Settings button
    • New fields for Email Address, Country, and Notes in the Employees and Customers menus
    • New fields for Discounts and Notes in the Orders menu
    • Right-clicking on the Products Sold list in the Orders menu will allow you to choose between viewing the selected product in the Products menu or the selected product's SKUs sold in the order
    • New button for accessing product SKUs on the Products menu
    • New fields for email passwords in the Email menu
    • All new fields have been added to their respective filtering menus
    • New button for changing the EasyInv data location when prompted for the EasyInv password
  • General Changes:
    • Password recovery system changed
      • Users will now be sent an identification code to their email, which they must enter along with a new password
    • Products sold on the Orders menu can now be sorted by ID, Name, Price, etc. by clicking on each column header
      • This applies universally wherever there is a list with a column header
  • New settings available:
    • EasyInv can now be set to run when users log onto their computer
    • EasyInv can now run in the system tray
    • Enabling/disabling of the Product SKUs feature
    • Changing of the EasyInv data location (the folder where EasyInv data is stored)
  • Saving/loading EasyInv data improved
    • The method in which EasyInv data is saved and loaded has been restructured and made more efficient
  • Performance improvements throughout EasyInv
v1.1 (Released 8/19/2011)
  • Added Company Info feature:
    • Users can now input their company information into EasyInv
    • Company information will display on printed orders and inventory
  • Added order status to Orders
  • Improved printing - printing will now better handle missing customer information (city, state, zip code)
v1.0 (Released 7/12/2011)
  • EasyInv Released

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